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The Hollywood Sign

In 1932, The "HollywoodLand" sign was originally just a real estate advertisement. But by 1978, it was so iconic that a permanent "Hollywood" structure was created. The landmark is located in Griffith Park on Mount Lee in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. Some call it the symbol of America's movie industry.

Own a piece of American and film history with this diorama of The Hollywood Sign! Sporting a clean black border and frame, the dark tan and olive green color scheme not only represent the real-life location, but it really makes the bright white sigh pop!

  • Model measures over 25 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 8 inches tall!
  • Includes 1,291 pieces.

I go to school in Los Angeles, so it's really cool to see such an icon recreated with LEGO elements. I know a lot of people who would love to have this set on display!
The film industry is huge, and maybe even Hollywood celebrities would like to get their hands on it!

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