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A Tale of Two Princesses : Modular Build.

Once Upon A Time.. 

In this fun, whimsical build, you encounter two classic fairytale maidens: The Frog Princess and The Princess and the Pea. Hold onto to your bedtime stories folks, there are surprises around every corner of this enchanted scene. 
Beside the magical fountain, a Princess prepares herself for an amphibious smooch with hopes that he will become a charming prince. Amused with the scene before him, a real prince watches on to see if she will really do it!


On the bottom floor of the enchanted tower, a Princess lays in discomfort. Beneath a stack of feather beds and mattresses sits a single pea. Try as she might, this damsel cannot get any rest. She swears to feel the pea at the bottom!


Nymphs and sprites gaze upon the worrisome, royal duo and try to stifle giggles.On the lower terrace of the tower, a unicorn looks out from a patio view. A curious pixie Is perched on the upper balcony, reading her favorite storybook. The small library is her favorite place to escape.

Hello Everyone!

This is my 1st Lego Ideas Submission: A Tale of Two Princesses

Why did I Build This?

Fairytales and myths have always fascinated me. I have especially loved fractured fairytales and funny iterations of classic tales. These stories always allowed me to escape into a world of imagination much like my Legos. 

So what better way to merge two of my favorites things and share them with the world. The characters and interactive nature of the build give the builder a sense of delight and wonder much like the tales portrayed.

Why Would this make a Great Lego Set?

In my 13 year tenure as a children’s bookseller, I have seen the joy of discovery in a child’s eye when they find a new favorite story. Their gateways to imagination are open and the horizons expanded. Several of our Storytimes concluded with LEGO designing activities ,and they would transfer all their creative energy to their builds. They would then create new Tall Tales to accompany their LEGO creations. Embracing both; engineering and storytelling; and the scientific and the fantastical! 

Both adults and children will love to immerse themselves into the construction of this set. Sharing a new, humorous take on two classic tales together as a family.

This set is great for collectors of creator, ideas, modular buildings, and princesses alike. With a little bit of everything, this build is the perfect addition to any collection. 

Thank you all for your time and consideration.

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