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Velociraptor Skull [1:1 Scale]

Velociraptor Skull [1:1]

Velociraptor was a dinosaur that was found in central and eastern Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period between 99 - 65 million years ago.

Velociraptors had a relatively large skull which could get to about 23 centimeters long.

Now you can own a part of your very own Velociraptor, a Skull at a scale of 1:1. A dinosaur that is extinct, which you can now own as a replica, that you can build and display forever.

Be amazed by its size, shape and aggressive look. You can also display and view this creature from any angle on its display stand.

This would be the perfect addition to any LEGO collection. Approximately built from around 200 pieces mainly technic.

The skull is approx. 23 cm in length and 12 cm wide. On the display stand, it is 12 cm at its widest and 30 cm at its highest.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my build and if you like it, please support and share it. Thanks again ;]

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