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Saint Seiya - Pegasus

Being a fan of bricks and Saint Seiya, I thought it would be nice to reproduce in brick a set representing this series. This set contains the Pegasus Knight with the second version of his armor after it was restored by the Golden Knights at the end of the Sanctuary Battle along with the box that contains the Pegasus Sacred Armor.

Personally, I watched this series as a child, and I'm still a fan of it, and I would love to have an official set on this theme. This is why I have several ideas on this theme.

This set can please the fan in general, the fan of the series, and also children because it is playable. Indeed, the knight is articulable, measures approximately 10,2 inches in height with a presentation plate. The plate was supposed to be in one piece but I was unable to put the screen printing on the usual presentation plates with the modification software at my disposal.

The set contains 799 parts.

If you like the SAINT SEIYA animated series, and if you would like, like me, to have an official set on this theme, please support this idea.

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