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Intergalactic Exploration Party


The Intergalactic Space Exploration (I.S.E. for short) have received strong traces of energy on the inhosptable planet of Zenostrat. Jane and Eric, Members of the I.S.E., have been chosen to explore, and with the help and guidance from CJ 51b5, will set out to find the energy source. Once upon the planet, they unload the Rover Tank 6109 to use for scaling the mountainous dunes of the planet and for protection against any unfriendly inhabitants, and also the Heavy Pressure Suit. Jane takes control of the tank while Eric slips into the Heavy Pressure Suit. After they are finished gearing up, Cj 51b5 leads them to the supposed spot where the energy is the strongest. There they find a strange machine with a beam coming out the middle. "This must be it." Said Eric, and grabbed for it. As he removed the power source with the help of CJ, a strange sound came from beneath them, and then the ground began to shake violently.. 

This is my first project with anything to do with space so I hope you like it. The tank is the main feature of this project it can drive and the turret can swivel, if you think there could be any improvements feel free to leave a comment. Thanks 

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