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Adventure's Outdoor Store: Love the Outdoors


Adventure's: Love the Outdoors

The Adventure's Outdoor Store is built on 4 10x10 bases to fit perfectly into your Lego City.  If you remove the store center 10x10 piece, the store itself can hinge closed to be a 10x20. Every Lego fan loves accessories for their minifigure's next adventure.  At Adventure's you can find all the gear you need.  This store is loaded with every kind of gear including boats, rafts, canoe's, kayaks, sail boards, and surfboards.  There is a great selection of motorcycles, personal water craft and ATV's.  There is scuba gear, skiing and snowboarding gear, camping stoves, tents, rock climbing, backpacking, archery, target practice, and fishing gear.

Enjoy pastries and coffee while you read books, charts, and maps in the upstairs lounge area to plan your next adventure. Take a look at the fine selection of cameras, binoculars, watches, compasses, and handbags to help you find the beautiful wildlife on your next trip.

Throughout the store you will find many displays of animals with ways to donate to preserve their lives in the wild!

Artic- Mammoth, Sabertooth, penguin, snow owl, wolf, polar bear

Jungle- Elephant, crocodile, snake, monkey, lizard, parrot, tiger, black panther, jaguar

North America- Bald Eagle, mt. goat, mt. lion, rabbit, brown bear, black bear, skunk, rat, brown owl, grey owl

Desert- Ostrich, Camel, Cobra, Scorpion

Ocean- Great White Shark

You can even book a sight seeing adventure in one of the many Adventure's Airplane tours! 

There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have with this Outdoor store within the store and also with what your minifigure can buy and take on their next adventure!

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