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Mech Wars: MH-C1 Arsenal


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my project. This project was created using Lego Digital Designer (LDD). The set comes with 1012 pieces and includes 5 minifigures. On the mech's right arm, all 3 projectiles fire with the same switch and at the same time. On the mech's left arm, the silver spear things are supposed to go through both of the tool belt pieces, but, due to LDD's hard to use flex tool, it is nearly impossible to make it happen digitally (in real life, though, it would be possible). Functions of the set/special articulation points are shown in yellow in the pictures above. Just to be clear, the trans-yellow one by one studs are supposed to represent headlights.


MH-C1 = Mech Heavy-Class Version 1

Nickname: Arsenal

Year: 2067

The dreaded Cyborg Aliens, the Chariz, have come to Earth in taste of conquest. Us humans, to protect Earth, allied under the UED, United Earth Defense.

Using the technology we had, we created Mobile Mech Units, walkers, to defend our home. The MH-C1 is a Mech built for battle. With rockets in one hand and a machine gun in the other, this mechanized tower is sure to pack a punch! And remember, whenever you're in a pinch the rear mini-guns and front cannons are sure to come in handy! But be careful! Those Lurker drones have the technology to turn invisible, as well as never let one near your mech; their tentacle teeth will rip it to pieces. So what do you say, soldier? Do you have what it takes to defend Earth?


Thank you for looking at my project and story! Please support it as well as follow me. Also, please look at my other projects, and don't forget to tell others about this as well! Remember, comments and ideas to make it better are always helpful, so don't mind leaving one. Once again, thank you very much!

I'll see you later! Good-Bye!!!


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