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The Princess Bride - Three Trials


To celebrate The Princess Bride's 30th anniversery, we thought it appropriate to make a diorama/playset of three classic scenes from the movie:

On the far left we have Westley sailing to the Cliffs of Insanity to battle the expert swordsman Spaniard Inigo Montoya; Westley can flip on the tree branch like in the movie!

The second scene features the unarmed battle between Fezzik and Westley; Westley can grab onto Fezzik's back as Fezzik pushes Westley against both rock walls using the spinning grass platform!

The final scene depicts the Battle of Wits with Vizzini and Westley for Buttercup herself! The table with the wine glasses can spin as Vizzini tries to trick Westley into drinking poison! 

We feel that this set has a rightful place on the shelves for children and adults alike because this film has such beloved characters and story, and will continue to be enjoyed for many years down the road.

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