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Puzzle Box


This colorful puzzle box is ideal for storing and hiding precious objects. It features a large storage compartment, measuring 4 by 6 studs at the base by 5 1/3 bricks high on the inside. The locking mechanism features seven steps, 2 pairs of which have to be done simultaniously, making it very difficult to open for someone not familiar with the procedure. 

This box is also incredibly customizable, given its simple outer construction, as well as a flat top in which various designs or secened can be displayed. This box would be a great addition to any lego collection, or make a great shelf model, the possibilities are endless!

The box measures 12 studs wide, 12.5 studs deep, and 8 2/3 bricks high. It has 325 pieces,  but that very much varies depending on the customizations made. If this does get made into an official Ideas set, I would like for about 50 other pieces be included in the set for customization. After all, Lego is meant forr expressing creativity!

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