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Train Shed

Calling ALL train enthusiasts!!

It's pretty simple really, I thought it was about time for another official Lego Train Shed, so here is my proposal. 

Built in a modular style this Train Shed features a two space housing area big enough to hold two offical Lego train engine's in each space. (The train shown in the pictures is for refference only, it is not included with the building or apart of my product idea) Each housing space is identified by the Lego domino pieces in yellow. As shown in the pictures this moc is hingable. This allows a person to purchase two Train Sheds and connect them back to back for twice the amount of storage. All while maintaining a nice clean look to the building. (Note there are included a few extra pieces depending on your option of orientation.) 
On the inside we have several platforms for the minifigs ease of access to any trains stored inside. As well as several ladders for minifigs to climp up to get on the platforms from the ground. There are a few pannel pieces in the outer wall that can be removed for a doorway for when the shed is hinged open. A staircase leading to the roof. A large industrial fan for keeping the shed cool. (Fan rotates and can be hooked to a motor with minor adjustments.) There is a canopy over the staircase to help keep out the weather.
On the side of the building eight red windows with arch tops and red shutters on each of them. Several red and yellow caution plates by each of the doorways. A small patio with staircase and canopy for the main enterances on the front and back of the shed. 
The main doors for the trains are garage door pieces in guide tracks for a nice smooth lift open. 

In my design there is also a maintenance worker that is incharge of all Train Shed related activites. I left this mini fig blank because I wanted to leave its design solely to Lego except for a hard hat. (Safety first!!)

This moc consists of 2420 pieces.

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