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Jaws: The Orca and Crew With Bruce

Here is my version of the iconic shark hunting vessel the Orca from Jaws, captained by the irascible Captain Quint with mate and chief of police Martin Brody and Marine Biologist Matt Hooper along for ballast and of course the hero Bruce the Shark!

 It features several key moments from the actual film, Quint holding his drinks can that he crushes against his head, the billy club and radio which makes Quint certifiable according to Chief Brody, the cage and air tanks, a couple of life jackets. The set also features the distinctive yellow barrels used too bring the shark to the surface. There are Gaffs on the side of the cabin and a large Machete for cutting the holding ropes.

I wanted to build this set as I have an immense love for sharks of all kinds and Lego, what better way to put two of my main passions together, of all the films I saw as a child Jaws was the one to truly light a spark in me, firing up a passion for Sharks for the past 30 years! It’s kind of a homage to all the creators of the film, from the author Peter Benchley, director Steven Spielberg even the underwater cinematographers Ron and Valerie Taylor. 

Building this highly detailed model Orca in Lego form will take older master builders back to amazing memories of first seeing the masterpiece that is Jaws.

It will also inspire a new generation of shark lovers and conservationists! 

So here you go, The Orca! One of the most iconic vehicles of cinema history!

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