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Shark Battle Ruins

In the Ruins of an ancient shark temple, a mythical relic lies under the guard of the underhand, the blade of fear, when it is freed from the hands grasp it will give its holder many things but also take many, the entrance is guarded with ferocious shark mouths with sharp dangerous fangs

The front view of the model is scary and the floor is mostly decorated dull black and grey. The head on the one side makes it look awesome, I made it turn in mid air by using hero factory connector pieces and a black armour plate with a white spike on top. Both heads have around 8 teeth and in total there is around 20 spikes in this set, the 3 main colours in this set are ; re, black and grey. In this picture the claws that are at the top of this picture form the underhand.

This is the head on the one side ( I would actually put one on the other side, but I ran out of white spikes and I couldn't find a replacement that worked) this is almost a mirror image of the shark gate entrance however it is slightly smaller, therefore uses slightly smaller pieces, this also uses the same base as the entrance ( the grey sloping element). This one has a long white spike piece and the entrance mouth doesn't.

Thx for taking time to look at my "masterpiece" project.

Hope you like it!
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