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Welcome to Who-ville!


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Welcome to Who-ville!

Based on a scene from the 1966 TV special - Dr. Seuss, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” The Grinch lives alone in a cave atop Mt. Crumpit, located high above the village of Who-ville. The Grinch is a surly character with a heart "two sizes too small" who has especially hated Christmas for all his 53 years. He hates the singing, the gifts, the happiness and all the “noise, noise, noise!”

The LEGO Scene:

As in the opening of the TV special, a view of snowy Who-ville, with the Whos hand in hand, the tall and small, around the Christmas tree singing “Welcome Christmas”. Around the tree are several Whos’ houses, covered in snow, and decorations are everywhere! The tree and each of the houses are lit from below with LEGO power functions lights.

Ominously above Who-ville looms Mt. Crumpit where the Grinch and his dog Max prepare to stop Christmas from coming. The Grinch has made himself a Santa-style coat and hat, to disguise himself as the real thing. He also disguises his dog Max with a reindeer antler. The Grinch has loaded empty bags onto a sleigh and will travel to Whoville in the night to collect “their presents, their ribbons, their wrappings, their snoof and their fuzzels, their tringlers and trappings, leaving crumbs much too small for any Whos' mouses”. This will stop Christmas from coming!

The Build:

Base is created with white plates, leaving openings beneath houses and the tree for LEGO Power functions lighting wires. Each house was built on a rotating small baseplate to allow alignment to the Christmas tree, then snowscaped with 2x2 round white plates and white leaves (2417 & 2423) as snow elements. The streetlights are brightly built with pearl gold elements and green wreaths and red bows on each. The tree stands tall in the center with green plates making up layer upon layer of green branches heavily decorated with transparent elements.

A separate small base plate holds Mt. Crumpit. Built primarily of larger rock pieces (6082 & 6083) and various white snow elements they combine to a height of 22”. The brown wooden sleigh uses minifig coiled whips (61975) as the front of the runners and filled with dark grey tiles making up the empty bags. See Max proudly positioned & ready for the ride down to Who-ville.

Total standard LEGO bricks ~2,950

The Minifigures:

   The Grinch

   Cindy Lou Who (“who is no more than 2”)

   A cast of 31 Whos ("the tall and the small")

   Max the dog

Enjoy the build and welcome to Who-ville!



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