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Master of Disaster Crane and Wrecking Ball


Have you ever wanted to sit behind the seat of one of the most powerful construciton (or should I say, "deconstruction") vehicles of all time?  This CAT inspired crane and wrecking ball are the perfect addition to any construction team.  This crane can be used with or without the wrecking ball.  Whether you need to lift materials high into the air or demolish an abandoned building, this crane can do it all.   Mounds of dirt in your way?  No problem, this dynamic construction vehicle has a front plow to remove any debris in the way.  Inside the cab you'll find a seat and controls for your minifigure and a second minifigure to direct the vehicles on your team.  Built with sturdy tires for added stability and the word CAT in giant black letters remind you that this mighty machine is in control.   

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