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Cloud City Playset

It's time for an update to one of the most iconic locations from the original Star Wars trilogy! For the first time in over a decade, Lando invites you to explore his Lego home among the clouds.

Attractions include:

Land your cloud car on the landing platform.

Walk the pristine streets of Cloud City.

Join your "friends" for dinner.

See how the Ugnaughts keep the city clear of rubbish.

Experience state-of-the-art carbon freezing technology.

Behave yourself to avoid landing in the detention room.

Get fresh air on the scenic catwalk.

Set info:
Approximately 1500 pieces (i.e., about twice as many as the original 2003 set, but 500 less than the recent Ewok Village, and about half as many as the 10188 Death Star). The landing platform and the catwalk detach. The main body of the set has a footprint of 32x32.

Key play features:
-All doors slide open/closed
-Working elevator between levels
-Junk/Ugnaught room has a working conveyor belt, controlled by turning a knob
-Carbon freezing chamber platform can be raised and lowered
-Light brick to illuminate the carbon freezing chamber
-String/winch to hoist frozen goods out of the freezing chamber
-Large window to catwalk sits on spring-loaded "blast out" system, controlled by lever on side

Visit my Flickr page for lots more pictures!

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