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Hovercraft Speedster


This Hovercraft Speedster is a simple, slick machine for casual cruising or high speed racing. The model is built in two sections: the frame and the inner part. The frame is built sideways while the inner part is built normally and fits inside the frame. The sideways frame gives the hovercraft smooth sides all around.

My concept is to make simple, well designed hovercrafts or other futuristic vehicles that come in multiple colors and unique designs. These can be larger or smaller than the model depicted here. Each vehicle would have its own design and color scheme, giving each vehicle its own personality. This would make a good lego set because it is simple and modern. Also, racing has been a common theme in lego for a long time, and now we can bring it to the next level.

Tell me what you think! If you have any other ideas for this model, feel free to comment below.  

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