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Mountain Cottage


If you want to see a short video animation, in which more details of the creation are shown, you can access this link: 

The mountain cottage is situated in a high mountain area, far from the overcrowded Lego city. Here, people relax on their vacations and admire the beauty of nature. The only sounds that they will hear are not the sounds of cars, but the songs of the majestic birds. The cottage is surrounded by wild vegetation ( trees, bushes, flowers and other plants ) and a mountain path. On the left side of the house is a stream that comes from a higher altitude. Around the cottage, there is:

  • a water well with a working winch ( beneath the well, the stream brings fresh and cold water );
  • a little wooden bench were people can relax, having shade provided by a tree;
  • a place were some wood for fire is kept ( this place is situated at the right side of the house );
  • and a stable with two chickens.

The first floor of the cottage has a big wooden door with a key in it. Inside this floor there is: a hanger, a table ( that has two glasses on it , a bread and a plate ), a seat, a fire place, a shelf ( where the owner is keeping all of his jars and cheese slices ), a barrel, some tools and some boxes. There are also stairs for getting at the second floor. The second floor is actually the owners bedroom. In there, is: a table with a letter, a dark shelf that has a yellow brush, a large bed and a drawer with a lamp on it. At the windows are also curtains. The last detail of the house is the roof, that has some brown tiles and a smoking chimney.

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