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The Snooker & Billiards Hall

What is it?
A snooker table shown in a corner of a billiards hall.  The table has three different-sized rests slung underneath her and shows the six pockets for the balls to drop into.  All is set-up for a game and the table's starting end has a block of chalk resting on the side to apply to the tip of the cue, which is on the rack along the wall.  More chalk is available in one of the storage cupboards beside the cue rack.
Why did I build it?
Because I miss visiting my local snooker, pool, darts, & table tennis facility: The Athenaeum 1851 Club.  I think that billiards and related table games are excellent ways to unwind & relax and I have always been fascinated by them.  After years of working away from home (and therefore not being able to get involved in local amenities), I finally joined this club only this year.  Thus, I haven't been able to avail myself of the facilities as much as I would like but, when we were allowed there, me, my wife Julie, and my son Billy, have all thoroughly enjoyed the place.  This build just brought to mind good times and will serve as a little reminder that they will be coming back soon.  Stay positive and optimistic, folks; it'll all get better soon.
Why would it make a great LEGO set?
It's what LEGO is all about: Making models of what you love and bringing the pictures of your mind's eye to life in little brick form.