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QuickStop: a Transforming Robot

~                                                    ~
QuickStop, Reporting for duty, sir.
~                                                    ~
~                                                               ~
Transmission received, mission approved.
~                                                               ~

QuickStop is the commander of his air force. He is the rival of one of my other transforming robots, Brake Through. QuickStop is based on fighter jets like the Blue Angels. He has a bulky build in robot mode, and designed his jet mode so that he can transform quickly, and fly away as fast as possible. Often he uses this to make a speedy getaway, rather than speeding into battle like Brake Through. 
Jet mode details
QuickStop is based on the Blue Angels jets, although, like Brake Through, he ended up with a different design than intended. The wing design remains mostly the same, but the fuselage-meaning the body of the plane ends up being very different. Having seen a Blue Angel jet in person, I'm slightly disappointed it doesn't more closely resemble one, I believe the differences give it a better personality. The wings resemble most fighter jet wings, and are the closest I could get to the Blue Angels at the size I work in. the cockpit area provides some extra detail, by switching up the color scheme. the gray provides a color contrast, and the arms fold up in a way that makes it look like life support or vents. The nose cone appears a bit gappy in places, but overall, it gives it a nice appearance. If Lego were to make this product idea, I would suggest putting a sticker on the nose cone to give it a cockpit, and removing the transparent blue piece I have on the fuselage.Underneath the nosecone, you can see the landing gear which later becomes the head. The eye even looks like some sort of "landing light" or something. The tail fins (I think that's what they're called) really sets this build as some sort of fighter jet, other wise, it might have looked like some sort of cessna plane or something. 
Transformation To Robot Mode
  1.  Fold out the front part of wings, and flip up the back part.
  2. Pivot leg on hip joint, fold out upper leg, and pivot it on the upper leg.
  3. twist arm on shoulder joint, and rotate it on the elbow at same time (after next step, you can rearrange it how you want) 
  4. fold nose cone down, and flip it downwards, revealing the head.
Articulation includes- legs can be moved at hips, and at the knees. Arms can be moved at shoulder and at elbow. head can be rotated.
Robot Mode Details
In robot mode, QuickStop resembles a heavy-built robot, although in healthier shape than Brake Through. Due to the way he balances, he often looks like he's grandstanding or revealing his plot. Much like General Grievous, he acts tough but, when it comes to actual danger, he runs away. His legs are built much like Brake Through, and heavily influence his character. His chest has a very triangular shape,and gives him alien proportions, just like Brake Through. His head makes him look very menacing, and sells him as the evil villain! he has a very scrap metal appearance, with his arms really selling this concept. The nose cone folding down gives him a lot of depth and convinces people that he definitely is some sort of plane in vehicle mode. Overall, he has a very similar appearance to Brake Through that sells them as rivals, and has a distinct personality.
Why You Should Support This Project.
Overall, QuickStop is another transforming robot that has a very distinct personality. Both plane mode and robot mode establish this, and sets him apart from the others. I try and make each robot have a distinct silhouette, meaning if you got rid of all the color, and left them as a shape, they would all look unique. Every transforming robot I build should be able to be a stand alone set. QuickStop is a great example of this! If you have already seen some of my other projects, you may be thinking "why should I support this, it's just another robot" then, hear me out: it is important to support projects like this, that just seem like another robot, so that we can build a large pool of transforming robots. We don't need every robotto be chosen as an idea, just one! the more of these transforming robots we have, the more chances of having a lego set that features one of these guys!

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