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Inspector Gadget Brickheadz, Inspector Gadget and Penny


This is a brickheadz duo pack of Inspector Gadget and Penny from the action-comedy show, Inspector Gadget. Inspector Gadget is a bionic policeman with many "gadgets" including: extending arms, legs and neck; inflating coat; and various things that emerge from his hat. He, with the help of his niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain, thwarts the plans of the villainous organisation, MAD, which is led by the mysterious Dr Claw. He is largely unaware that Penny typically thwarts the villains.

I decided to create this project after being inspired by the new series. I think this would make a good set because while Penny's model is based on the original series; Inspector Gadget's model is a fairly generic version of the character allowing a market at fans of all ages.

I have included two detachable "gadgets" that can be placed on Gadget's hat: posable Gadget Hands, and a spinable Gadget 'Coptor. More may be added or removed by Lego if this project gets to 10,000 supporters. If you want to suggest "gadgets" for me to include, I'll try to include them in the updates.

I have also included Penny's computer book and watch.

This project consists of 232 pieces including "gadgets", computer book and watch.

Inspector Gadget consists of 94 pieces excluding "gadgets".

Penny consists of 113 pieces including computer book and watch.

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