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Giant Ant + Food and Home

This is a lego model of an australian myrmecia nigriscapa (one of the types of giant bull ant) in its natural habitat. This model is about three times the size of a real thing. It's nearly impossibe to tell, but the ant is a queen still in the founding stage of her colony. This type of ant is actually one of the largest and most poisonous in the world. I built this because I love ants and I think someone on lego ideas should dedicate a set entirely to them. this set has a few features

(1) The ants head can lock on to the foods as seen above (picture 3)

(2) A chunk of ground can be disloged, revealing a small section of whats underground

1 Giant bull ant queen,
2 Foods (part of a cookie and the top of a crab-apple),
1 Landscape and
1 Land chunk.

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