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Aladdin: Agrabah, Sultan Castle (30th Anniversary Special)


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There is a very mysterious place in the middle of the vast desert. A city of long legend.
Welcome to Agrava's Sultan Castle.

My first Disney animation movie, 'Aladdin', is a work that gave me dreams, imagination, and emotions.
I still felt the memory of my childhood. I was touched once again by the minifigure of the Aladdin series.
So this year, I wanted to create a place where they could go back to celebrate Aladdin's 30th anniversary.
Now, let me introduce this project.
Overall Structure
This project was my own idea, design, and work, and it was made into a LEGO Studio 2.0 program. It consists of a total of 2,676 bricks, including a minifigure (8EA) and a magic carpet.

The interior details are all composed of supports, frames and pedestals, allowing you to appreciate the beauty and decoration of the exterior.

Area of 4 total 32x32 baseplates.

Each roof and pillar is all designed to be separated.

Overall Design
When viewed from the front, the difference in size between the outer gate and the inner gate can be compared to the magnitude. The elephant (male) statue, the symbol of the kingdom, seems to be looking both ways and is made of gold, the symbol of wealth.

In the back is Jasmine Terrace, Aladdin and Jasmine can be recreated for the first time on a magical carpet. Below that is a huge garden with fountains and cages. Flowers, trees, and two giant palm trees harmonize. A statue of an elephant (female) is made at the end of the two pillars to give the impression of looking at each other in a cozy and friendly manner. The color is brown, which means the elephant is bathing and resting.

The magic carpet is flying in the sky waiting for Aladdin to return today.

Detailed Design
The roof is designed with a total of four sizes and consists of eight columns.
It's tan color, so you don't have to worry about discoloration, and red and green are in harmony.

The roof wanted to represent a beautiful circular curve, and it was designed with a more stylish design with luxurious metal gold.

The interior door and each pillar were printed with an Arabic pattern, creating a more appropriate atmosphere.

All minifigures were implemented in LEGO Studio 2.0, and positions were marked by weapon types, hat detail colors, and body printing.

  1. Sultan King (blue) x1
  2. Royal Guard Captain (red) x1
  3. Royal Guard (yellow) x6

This idea project is my first project. If this project touches your heart, we hope you can give us your wishes and support.

Thank you for watching my idea project. You are a jewel in the mud.

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