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One World Seen by 4 Different Visions

My model is based on the idea that we all see the world through different eyes and sometimes in different colours. This set expresses the fact that different people and in general, different species see the world in different colour spectres. My set depicts four creatures, three mammals and one avian, or in different words, two humans, one dog and one bird. Their backgrounds show the world that they see through their eyes. Each creature is displayed in the colour spectrum that they see the world in. Staring from the left side, the first human represents the classic human sight and the colours that most of the people can see. People have three types of cones in their eyes: Red-sensing cones, Green-sensing cones and Blue-sensing cones. The house behind the displayed figure is displayed in the colours that most people can see. I would underline, here the word for most people, because moving to the next displayed figure, the other type of colour spectre is displayed. About one in 30 000 individuals have monochromatic vision, also known as achromatopsia. These people see the word differently and the world they see knows only a mixture of black and white colours. To better understand the way they see the world around them, we can think about old movies that were only black and white. This is almost exactly the colour range that they can see the world at. The house behind the guy taking a selfie is built in black and white spectrum and that is exactly the way how this person with achromatopsia sees the world around him. Next to these two guys stays their dog. Dogs are considered by many people to be colourblind. In reality, they are not colour-blind, they only have two types of cones in their eyes - they can recognize blue and yellow. This is also referred as dichromatic vision. Basically, it means that they can not see the green colour at all, but they have much better nightvision than humans. This set shows that the area of the dog is different. He can not see the grass in the green colour. He sees it only through the blue and yellow cones, very differently as most of humans see it. Also, the sky is not as blue as the classical human spectrum interprets it. It is a bit lighter blue. We all should remember this fact, when our dog will not be that quick to find orange ball thrown on the lawn. The last creature in the set is a bird. Birds can see much more of the ultraviolet spectrum compared to humans. The world that they see consists of a lot more violet colors. The bird in this set is flying towars its nest. I build this set with the goal of glorifying the fact that we all have different optics at one an only world we live in. All creatures have slightly different view and most of them live with it the whole lifetime. The set I am presenting here captures this idea. Seeing the world in different colours and perspectives is to me one of the beautiful things about life. I think that this would make a great LEGO set because as a big fan of LEGO I feel that it matches the values by which LEGO as a company is guided. I see LEGO as a brand which cherish exploring of other worlds and in my humble opinion there is not better way to explore distant worlds than to understand the different and unique worlds seen by each of us.

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