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Hummingbird Sculpture

When it comes to nature, I love the small things - the birds, bugs, plants and flowers. This model shows the delicate balance between a hummingbird and its food - the nectar of a flower - along with the forest floor, littered with foliage, dead sticks and the occasional bug!

This build consists of a hummingbird, a flower, a dead/broken stick, a ladybird and various other bits of foliage. These are all brought together to make one fantastic display model.
Although it looks flimsy, since the bird is very light, the whole structure is strong and can take a good bit of shaking!

This model is relatively small, consisting of around 600 pieces.

My aim with this model was to create a display piece to celebrate the diversity and intricate balance of nature. I love all the various nature themed models LEGO has been making lately, and would love to see more! Apart from being great on display, it would be a fun set to build.

Well, if you actually made it down here, I'm impressed! (tell me in the comments). Obviously, I hardly need to tell you to support if you've read all this, but please don't forget to share with other space and astronomy fans you know, as that would really help this on its long journey.

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