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The Halloween Snack Bar


Why should snack bars always look like snack bars?

This one looks like a classic Halloween pumpkin but it’s open not only at Halloween.

Check out the burgers, french fries and softdrinks or do you like vegan food? It’s up to you to decide which food will be offered. On the three inverted curved tiles at the back there should be a printing of the menu. There is a fridge where you can get cold drinks, I made a close-up photo o fit for the details. The cash register is located behind the nose.

I hope you like the design of the pumpkin which was not so easy. The front doors can be opened or closed by hinges. You can take off the complete backside to get access to the interior or place a minifigure in it. The cook for sure is dressed in black but all in all he’s a nice guy!

Place it wherever you want in your city or leave it as a stand alone building especially on Halloween.

About 250 bricks, some are not available in the colours I used yet so it’s time for new bricks!

If you like my design, thank you for your support!

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