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Taste of the Traditional Wooden Noodle Cart


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I'm so excited to share Chinese-style noodles in wooden drawers of street vendors living in Saigon are seen as a sign of authenticity, an attraction for local people and travelers. In my design, I scaled down the model with LEGO bricks and used the same technique as the real traditional wooden noodle cart with mainly dark brown LEGO bricks. I did some parts of the model with my creation, but I still followed the horizontal line of the traditional design concept. I did so many details such as foods, glass mirrors with red, blue, and yellow; Chinese lanterns, and so on. It is quite simple, but I tried bringing it into the Lego world to achieve “Play and Learn.” I believe that the taste of the Chinese traditional wooden noodle cart is an amazing model built with LEGO bricks. Actually, typical Chinese-style noodle carts in Saigon are painted red or dark brown and made of wood. They are decorated with glass mirrors with Chinese characters painted on its surface. A row of drawers stores fresh batches of noodles.
Width: 23 cm 
Depth: 10 cm
Height: 15 cm

Nowadays, many old noodle restaurants in Saigon have built spacious eateries, but they still retain their traditional wooden noodle vendor carts to serve as kitchens. I believe that Chinese-style noodle vendor carts in Saigon, Vietnam, whether sophisticated or simple, have been doing their job for at least a lifetime. I believe that this would make a great Lego set in the future. Thank you to all the supporters!

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