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Modular Costume Shop With Working Elevator


About This Project:

This project idea is a modular costume shop with a working elevator. The roof, second, and third floor can be removed for easy access inside every area of the shop. The elevator shaft does not come apart but, I left openings in the back of the shop on each floor of the elevator shaft for easy access inside the elevator. The elevator has a hand crank at the top of the building for raising and lowering the elevator. To keep the elevator in place and be able to let go of the crank there is stopper that can be folded up and down to stop the crank from moving. I also made sure each floor lines up with the elevator so that you can use the stopper at each floor and they will line up with one another. On each floor of the shop are mannequins displaying costumes. On the first floor is the checkout, a small mask, hat, and helmet display, and a couple of bins of accessories. There is also a couple of displays behind the checkout. The second floor has the change room and and a large display of masks, hats, and helmets. The third floor has a large rack for hanging costumes on, a display of accessories on one side and wings and capes on the other, and a bin of accessories. In front of the shop are a bench for relaxing and some customers heading into the shop. Out behind the shop is the back alley where there is the garbage can, a loading cart, a mouse hiding in the grass, and a painter cleaning up some graffiti. The costume shop would only come with a limited amount of minifigures not as many as are shown in the pictures. I am not sure how many maybe ten with accessories including the shop clerk, the two customers inside the shop buying the Batman costume, The painter and a random assortment for the remaining to total a number of ten. To fill out the rest of the shop you would use your own minifigures from your collection because, there is so many possibilities for costumes out there and using your own minfigures you get to customize the shop's inventory to your own liking.

Play Features:

  • Modular in design. This way the roof, the third, and the second floor can all be removed from the first for easy access inside every area of the shop.
  • Working elevator. Hand crank elevator with stopper for stopping the elevator at each floor and holding it there hands free.


  • Ten minifigures with accessories including the shop clerk, the two customers in the shop, the Batman costume, the painter, and random minifigures for the remaining to add up to ten in total.

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Happy Building.


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