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Secret of the Castle


The prince and the princess are in love with each other. Since they come from warring factions, their love must stay secret for now. He came all the way from his castle to see her, bringing her flowers from a forest. But will castle guards notice him? And will he return safely home through the dark forest, where outlaws are preparing an ambush?

Features include:
  • Hinged castle walls can be arranged in different positions around the tower.
  • The segment with eating area can be attached to either side of the castle wall, or it can be used as a separate building. It can also function as a core component of the outlaws’ hideout.
  • A secret door at the base of the tower can be used to enter or exit the castle undetected. 
  • The catapult can shoot projectiles from the castle wall.
  • Outlaws can hide among the branches of the larger tree, and they can bring down the smaller tree to block passage during an ambush (Technic axle at the base of the tree locks it in an upright position. If the axle is pulled out the tree automatically falls).
  • Outlaws' treasure is hidden in the forest. If part of the rock beneath the tree is opened, the treasure will be revealed.
  • Stairs connect floors in the tower. From the upper floor there is a direct access to walkways on the ramparts, for added realism.
  • The Princess' room has a balcony with nice ornamental fence and panoramic view of the forest. Furniture includes table with love letter (complete with white feather for writing), vanity corner with cabinet, box for holding hairbrushes and other things, etc. 
  • Hatch door on the floor of the Princess' room can be opened to enter and exit the room via stairs.
  • The storage room is located on the ground level of the tower.
  • Different weapons are positioned inside the castle, to be used by the guards if needed.
  • Back side of the tower is opened for easy play access.

The total number of parts is 925.
As far as I know, all parts used in this set are current. Virtually all can be found in different sets released during 2018/2019 (some of them in a different color than in this set). Therefore, molds for all those parts should be available – I think Lego would not have any problems producing them. Only new prints / stickers would be needed. The Prince's cape has been released in 2017, so I guess it can be produced again without problems. I did not use old, discontinued or custom Lego parts.

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