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Space Exploration

This little communication station is a must have when exploring far off moons and planets! Imagine being on a little planet, you find a teeny-tiny bacteria on a rock surface or a new compound. You have to get the word out, that's what this little station will do! With the large and small swiveling dishes, it'll be known rather quickly what you found.

The set consists of the base station itself, a separate communication tower and even a small power/signal hub to join them. Having a large collection of 80's theme space sets, I wanted to build something a little more modern. Something more smoothed out with a certain elegance. Overall it contains 326 pieces and two explorers. Both main components have new flat computers, connected to each other transferring data back and forth.

The base has four computers. One displays incoming and outgoing ships, the others for data collection / transmission. There is a small end window, sturdy footings, open stairs and even an opening roof for better access. The radio antenna on top keeps everyone in touch with each other relaying their radio chatter.

The tower has two controlling computers, a large swiveling dish, a small fixed dish, two mini antenna and sturdy footings as well. We don't want these structures coming down in the event of a small moonquake!

Overall I feel this would make a great edition to any collection. Great for imagination but also not too big if just displayed. Space is a terrific genre with endless possibilities.

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