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Parks and Recreation

Join the delightful cast of parks and recreation as they fulfill their duties to the city of Pawnee. The office includes iconic rooms such as Leslie Knope's and Ron Swanson's offices. Recreate your favorite scenes from the show with all your favorite characters. Andy gives his final goodbye to beloved Lil Sebastian. Ron secretly develops his music career as Duke Silver. April lets another call go to voicemail. Chris excites everyone he sees as Ben makes his own board game. Donna laughs as Jerry Spills yet another coffee. Leslie plans the most perfect park in the world for her best friend Anne.

Some of the smaller easter eggs include:
The cones of Dunshire as Ben's accessory
DJ Roomba himself
Waffles courtesy of JJs Diner
Coffee Spills from Jerry
Duke Silver's Iconic fedora and Saxophone
The Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness
'treat yo self'
Mulligans Steak House Poster

Leslie Knope
Ron Swanson
Andy Dwyer
Donna Meagle
Ben Wyatt
Chris Trager
Tom Haverford
Anne Perkins
Jerry Gergich

Why I built the model:
I built this model because Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite shows. I know it is also the favorite of many many others. So I want to potentially see the set on shelves for me and other fans.

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