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A Day in the Park

  1. What is it? My build is your local park. There, you will find a father and son walking the trail. Birds are sometimes found in the trees, and they are lucky enough to find one. There's also a memorial with flowers and stones around it. Small flowers and grass grow there as people tour the area.
  2. Why did you Build this? I built this because I have many memories of walking through a park. This build captures a lot of those memories into one small piece. While building this I felt those memories flood back and enjoyed the rest of the time.
  3. Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set? I believe this would make a great Lego set  because it captures small moments I would believe almost everyone has had. It takes that experience of something simple like walking in the park with family, and turns it into something you can build/re-experience yourself.

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