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Class 1 Buggy


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Let me introduce my brand new Lego creation : the Class 1 Buggy !
I have imagined this model for a long time, and I think this is the 4th or 5th version, but from far the most evolved, either in terms of aesthetics or in terms of sturdiness and functionalities.
Like I said, it is modeled after a real type of vehicle (Class 1 Buggies are 2-wheels propelled vehicles with two seats that run in famous american races) and at such a small scale (approximately 1:15) it was quite a challenge to fit, for example, the steering and suspension parts in that very thin muzzle. Please note that I tried to put as many details as possible despite the huge place that takes the power functions elements, such as the steering wheel, the dashboard, the spare wheel, and the exhausting pipes.
Make a quick research to check some pictures of the real vehicles, if you want to !
Stickers are the original ones from the 42010 Lego Technic buggy and I am using 56x26mm Lego balloon tires from the 9392 quad bike, which can be swapped for the 56x26mm tractor tires or the 75.1x28mm knobby tires.
I have not mentionned it yet, but the model is fully motorized and remote controlled ; it is powered by an IR receiver and an AAA battery box or a rechargeable battery pack (on the pictures you can see that I am using an AA battery box, but actually I had to cut it for it to be able to fit into the cabin). It is propelled by two power functions L motors (geared 1:1, but the four 12 teeth gears can be replaced by two 20 teeth gears and two 12 teeth flat gears for maximum torque or speed) and it is steered by a classic servo motor.
I hope you will enjoy this project, and please support it, it will help me so much !!

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