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Paleontologists Excavation Set


In this set are three minifigures, two paleontologists and one photographer, at work. They search successfully for dino fossils in the desert. They have a lot of equipment in five different boxes with them. In the background there is a little sand cliff and when you turn the set around you find two caves in the cliff. In one of them there is a nest with dino eggs and in the other cave you can find a little dinosaur. So the researchers don't know which surprise they are about to discover.

I build this set because I like paleontology and because I like other dino sets from LEGO a lot. For example LEGO Ideas Set 21320. There are different dinosaur skeletons in a museum. My set is kind of a prequel, where the paleontologists find the bones for the museum.

This would be a great Lego set because it could be an extension to different LEGO theme worlds like LEGO City. But also as a stand alone set it would be a great set for LEGO and dinosaur fans.

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