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Homage to Bertha Benz, the First Female Driver in Automobile History


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The story
Bertha Benz was the wife of Carl Benz, the inventor of the Benz Patent Motor Car. In order to refute existing reservations about motor vehicles, Bertha Benz undertook a 106 km drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim in August 1888 without her husband's knowledge, making her the first female driver in automobile history.

The model
Images of replicas of the first Benz patent motor car in which Bertha Benz undertook the legendary journey served as a template. The challenge was to fit as many details as possible into the smallest space and still make it appear minimalistic. The model consists of a chassis that starts with one stud width at the front and ends with 6 studs wide at the back. There is a raised seat, a brake lever and easy steering. The engine with flywheel and drive is located in the rear part. The ratio to the drive axle is indicated; the vehicle stands on a small wheel at the front and two large wheels at the back. This is a display model without functions - only the wheels rotate.

The scenery
The model is presented on a 2-tier plateau with an uneven road. On the right in the background there is a gas lantern in Mannheim as the starting point of the journey, on the left there is a milestone marked 106 km, which represents the distance to Pforzheim. In front of the motor car stands Bertha Benz, traditionally dressed in a long skirt.

The year 2028 will mark the 140th anniversary of Bartha Benz's journey. After Galileo Galile, Amelia Earhart, Charles Dickens and Jane Goodall, it would be a fitting opportunity to commemorate this pioneer of automobile history.

Motor vehicle approx. 130 parts
Length 130 mm (5.11 inch)
Width 75 mm (2.95 inch)
Height 80 mm (3.14 inch)

Plateau including decoration approx. 238 parts
Length 225 mm (8.85 inch)
Width 160 mm (6.29 inch)

The photos are real pictures, the stickers are my own designs.

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