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Totoro and Friends


My Neighbor Totoro comes to Lego! Inspired my Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro, this playset would feature main characters from the movie as well as props to act out some of your favorite scenes. Totoro and the cat bus was built to a slightly smaller scale than what is shown in the movie in order to make the set easier to put together for younger builders, as well as keep the set more portable. The overall design was made with playability in mind, and features pieces that fit firmly together. This fun and entertaining set would go great as a model or collector's item as well as an addition to other Lego sets.

This Lego set would feature Totoro with leaf, blue totoro, mini totoro, sack, acorn, red umbrella, black umbrella, three minifigures (Satsuki, Mei, and Kanta), silver bike, bus stop sign, ear of corn, the cat bus, and mini forest home.

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