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Snapshot Memories

Memories can fade over time, but a single photograph can bring them rushing back. Capturing the joy of a family gathering, the thrill of a first-time experience, or the beauty of a quiet moment amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Cameras are how we capture some of the most important moments in our lives, but we also use them to capture the everyday, cataloging the daily events that make up our lives and sharing them with others. With this project, I wanted to not only capture a great model of a camera on its own, but also make it so that the camera itself is a vessel to display a model significant to each person. I've included four vignettes here as examples, but as long as it fits within the camera, you can capture any moment!

This model is made up of 446 parts, and features the main vintage style camera and four interchangeable vignettes. The vignettes are: Anniversary Dance, Birthday Thrills, Mountain Sunset, & The Height of Pet Luxury.
Camera Features Include:
  • Opening Back Panel
  • Removable Film Canister
  • 3 Moving Switches & Knobs
  • Removable Lens
  • Sliding tracks to easily switch between models inside the camera

If you want to explore the model in 3D, feel free to check it out on Mecabricks

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