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Crab Pot and Pound


Hello Lego Ideas Team and everone who loves to build and play with Lego's. This is Treetop 2017!.

I am excited to share with you my new idea for the Lego's  company. My idea is a seafood express shack called the crab pot and pound. There are three parts and one red building in this idea and I will explain all of them to you and everyone. The first part is the long gray two sided road, a black rectangular piece of tar hooked onto the the gray road, green square of grass hooked onto the black piece of tar, four pieces of cement foundation hooked onto the green piece of grass, and red siding for the building.

Inside the crab pot and pound you have a white desk, a gray counter top, a yellow cupboard with black cash draws that pull out and you can open them, a black clamp to hold the sales computer, a crab pot and pound sales computer, a white keyboard, a credit/check reader machine, a black scanner, a red receipt printer, a label tag printer, a scale with meter and gray small box to put the crabs into, a red telephone holder with green telephone, a small black square tank on the floor of the building, a maroon crab, a bright red crab inside the tank,  a yellow crab fishing net to collect the crabs, a friendly crab pot and pound fishing associate with yellow captain's hat, a friendly crab pot and pound cashier with yellow sailor's hat, a medium brown chest to ship the crabs to the customer's home, office, or holiday party. Because the crab pot and pound offers this for customer's who like to eat seafood but can't always make it to the shack on time, a red door frame with a red exit door in it.

On The Outside of the crab pot and pound you have a red rectangular sign with yellow crab and black pot on it, a front enterance customer door, a  gray employee enterance door on the back of the building, two rectangular pieces of black roof, a white security camera over the enterance/exit door,  a gray security camera for the employee enterance, and a red circular sign.

On the left hand side of the crab pot and pond you have a white checkbook, a bright blue credit card, a orange crab and another yellow crab.

On the right side of the crab pot and pound you have a red mailbox post, a green mailbox with cover that opens, a white square newspaper, a brown flyer and a piece of mail to either go in or out!.

I did not add any other lego mini figures or lego vechiles in this idea of mine because i think people would have fun playing with it if they added their own to it.   

I built this idea of mine yesterday while it was raining hard all day long. I know that Lego does make a lobster that is out in sets but so far they haven't put it on the lego digital designer and that is why i chose to use crabs. This idea of mine was easy to build and is acceptable for all ages and for everyone. Especially for those people who like to eat seafood. Lego and other parts of Lego do not make a idea like mine in today's market and I think it is about time that they do for any of their products that they make. Your vote would help me reach my goal of 10,00 and make this set a dream for everyone!  So remember to tell your friends and neighbors that you voted on crab pot and pound today and thanks for your time. Have a Great Day! Your Builder and Lego Fan Treetop 2017!

P.S. If you have any questions or suggestions on how to make this idea of mine even better please leave them on the comment page of this website and thanks. I will answer any questions you might have or consider your suggestions.

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