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Nature Will Find a Way


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Steven and his daughter, Emma, decided to go on a trek around the Stemwoods of their hometown Brickville. The plan was to photograph the wildlife and all its surroundings. Emma was thrilled with the Idea and could not wait for the upcoming weekend.

When Saturday came, they left home early in the morning. They parked their car on the outskirts of the forest and started strolling around, enjoying all the views and sounds. Time passed quickly, and before father and daughter realized it, the night had settled. However, a bright full moon rose and lit their trail ahead. They started following a decrepit track. According to an aged map, it would lead them into a forest glade, where they were planning to camp for the night.

Suddenly, as they entered the clearing, they came across an old and abandoned Royal Mail truck. Its once shiny red color was now tarnished, and rust had etched its surfaces. The old truck had become the home for a number of plants and creatures. Nature had found a way to rectify what had been flawed.

Through the roof of the old truck, a large, venerable tree grew. A bluebird had made its nest on one of the branches, and a cunning owl was patrolling the perimeter. On the rear, a small bat was getting ready to fly into the night. Several plants were also growing inside the car, on top, and all around it. Ferns, ivy, and wild mushrooms to name but a few. And underneath the vehicle and the plants, a snake laid quietly.

As Steven approached to get a better look, a startled night creature ran from the trunk and hid inside the chassis... but Steven was an excellent photographer and managed to take a snapshot!
Emma was advised by her dad to stay a little bit further behind, and so she did. She stood in awe of what mother nature can create, when left alone to do her magic!

This has been yet another small story to present my new Ideas project. What are your thoughts? What would you add, and what would you remove from the story? “As Nature Will Find A Way” advances and conquers milestones I plan to add updates of the photographs Steven shot while on his small adventure, with some additional info.

Hope you like it and support it.
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