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Thank you for checking out my project. I’ve listed some information below about the build including the upper cabinets, lower cabinets, pegboard and finishing touches.

Upper Cabinets: The first item I built of this project was the upper cabinets. This upper cabinets ended up setting the width of the overall project. The cabinets were quite simple to build until it came to the details. The first issue I had was the doors. I wanted the doors to be operable but also have a clean seamless look and it wasn’t easy to achieve. The first few attempts the hinges were quite noticeable and the doors didn’t close properly. In the end I added door stops and changed the hinge for a pin making it easier to hide. The second issue I had was mounting the cabinets. They were originally designed to be wall mounted, but after finishing the workbench and pegboard, I returned to the idea of the cabinets being mounted off the pegboard. It wasn’t an easy re-design due to the weight of the cabinets, but I was eventually able to build a solution.

Lower Cabinets & Workbench: The next item I built was the lower cabinets and workbench. Since the lower cabinets are the same as the upper ones but taller, those weren’t an issue to design. The main focus was to figure out a way to mount the workbench. I wanted to have the workbench to have an overhang similar to a real workbench on 3 sides but not the back. It took some time to figure out where the attachment points were needed on the lower cabinets, but I was able to figure it out.

Pegboard & Finishing Touches: Before I started gathering pieces for the cabinets, I knew exactly how I wanted the pegboard to look. I wanted the tools to hang and be displayed like they would on a real workbench. I added the fire extinguisher to the side of the cabinets, the mat in front of the bench, a stool to sit at the front of the workbench and a light above.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my build. I look forward to any comments you may have. Happy Building!

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