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"Green T" - '23 Ford T-bucket



What is a T-Bucket?

T-Buckets are hot-rodded and customized Ford Model Ts mainly built from the 1950s on. The first T-bucket was specifically created and named by Norm Grabowski (American hot rod builder and actor). Even if I don't live in "The Golden State" I love these strange vehicles (and Hot Rods too, of course). Seeing Buckets moving from a beach to another is very usual in California, where I live a little bit less... I built many vehicles in the past few years and after many requests to add one here, now my "Green T" is ready to race.

The "Green T" is my pride and joy.

My "Green T" has the two-seater body of a Model T roadster with a little turtle deck in the backside. A full chromed Model T-style radiator is fitted. The big V8 sends power to the oversized rear wheels, with the typical dog dish hubcaps, through the strong drivetrain. A big charger is fitted on the top of the engine. This vehicle features many chromed bricks and I think they look great on the "Green T". I love also the white-green color combo. This little machine is my pride and joy (especially photographed in my Speed Garage - look at the picture). Enjoy the "Green T" and discover the equipments featured in the "Speed Garage". More info and pictures here.

You can make it happen!

Imagine the Green-T alongside the VW T1 camper van, the Mini Cooper, the Caterham and the F40 on the shelf of your room or in a display case, wonderful, isn’t it?

With your support the "Green T" can be made into an official set.

You can make it happen, vote now!

Thanks for stopping by and for your support!

Andrea Lattanzio | Norton74 

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