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Majora's Mask: Termina


Far from the kingdom of Hyrule lies a strange, similar world: Termina. This place, however, is being tormented by the Skullkid who is in possession of Majora's Mask. If Link cannot aquire the mask in time, Termina will be crushed by the ominous moon lurking above, and the mask may never be seen again.

This project is a collector's display of the world of Termina, from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This display includes several of the iconic locations discovered throughout the game, and many of the characters encountered. This was made with 1215 pieces (including figures) and has 8 minifigures. The characters included (picture 2), some of which are not minifigures, are: Link, the Skullkid, the Happy Mask salesman, the Banker, Romani, Cremia, Pamela, Pamela's Father, and Tatl and Tael. The locations will be described in detail below.

Clock Town: "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"                                                                                                      Clock Town includes the central clock tower as well as the Banker's stand. The Banker's stand has a vault, mini-cow, and a few rupees. The clock tower has several segments and features built into it. The first segment has opening doors which lead to the room where Link encounters the Mask salesman. The next segment has a balcony and a door that drops down upon pulling out a tile in the back. The room the door reveals is too small to fit a minifigure, and is more just for show. The final segment has the clock, which can both rotate and be pulled out and repositioned horizontally as shown in pictures 3 and 4.

Romani Ranch: "They... They come at night... every year when the carnival approaches... "                                                  Romani Ranch includes the farm house, a cow, Epona, and an alien. The farm house has an interior accessible from the back (picture 7) with a table, shelf, chair, and milk barrel. The exterior has a stable with a small gate and several chickens. The alien has patterns made using existing prints. 

Ikana Canyon: "Who are you? Don't just walk into people's houses!"                                                                                      Ikana Canyon includes the music box house and a small, dead tree. The music box house has rotating speakers on top of it and a small closet (capable of storing a minifigure) on the inside. The extrerior of the house is covered in green tile and has a patterned roof.

The Moon: "I... I shall consume. Consume... Consume everything.."                                                                                          The moon has been scaled down to a small sphere, but still has its disturbing face. It can rotate, and be positioned anywhere in the display.

I know this project has a lot of new prints (which can be substituted for stickers), but I figured if I propose a Zelda set, I might as well go big. Thank you for supporting and please, share with any communities you feel would enjoy this idea.



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