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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Enter into the exciting world of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with this larger than life model of micro proportions!
“We’re now a quarter of an inch tall and sixty-four feet from the house. That’s the equivalent of 3.2 miles; that’s a long way, even for a man of science!” 
After unexpectedly getting zapped by the experimental shrinking machine created by the lovable and geeky inventor, Dr. Wayne Szalinski, our adventure begins! Take a wild trip into the enormous backyard world with the newly miniaturized kids of the film, Amy, Nicky, Ron, and Russ. With their new and life-size six legged ally named “Antie,” an ordinary day in the yard becomes an extraordinary journey through the treacherous terrain as they navigate back home!
This display model idealizes the magic of the original film from 1989 by capturing the scale of the characters to the proportion of their surrounding ecosystem!
Features include:
  • Posable Antie character model
  • Amy, Nicky, Ron, and Russ minifigures
  • Terrain designed display base 
  • Maneuverable tall blades of grass
  • Custom blown-up LEGO brick
  • Accessories for the adventure
Watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids when I was young opened up my mind to the magic of model making for films, especially this one being so “enormously tiny” and filled with obstacles at every turn!
I hope you like the design and build of this set. Please support, share, and comment!

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