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Gradius-Vic Viper T-301

This is my homage to Vic Viper, the protagonist ship from the classic space video game, Gradius. I thought it would be an interesting ship to build, since it's the ship the spawned an entire sub-category of MOC building. Despite thousands of MOCs sharing the name "Vic Viper" I found very few of the original ship from the game, so I set out to do a minifigure scale, fairly accurate rendition of it. The Vic Viper has appeared across all sorts of media in many forms. Despite originating as the ship from Gradius, it has appeared in crossover video games, card games and animation. This specific version is the Vic Viper T-301, which appeared in Gradius 5. I chose this version because it is arguably the most well-known version of the ship and also translated into LEGO pretty well.

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