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Ranger Station

Celebrate U.S. National Parks with the Ranger Station LEGO Set!
There is no better place to experience the natural beauty of the U.S. than its national parks, and no one is more dedicated to preserving it than the park rangers. The ranger station is the park ranger's command center and a place where visitors can learn, rest, and receive assistance. Even the most remote stations are fully equipped with the resources rangers need to protect the park and its inhabitants. Share in my appreciation of our national parks by supporting this LEGO Ideas project!

Welcome to the Yellowstud Ranger Station
The Yellowstud Ranger Station may look like a rustic log cabin, but it hosts essential wilderness gear and amenities for rangers and visitors alike.

The main floor is made up of the ranger office and a small visitor area. An equipment rack stands to the left of the door where rangers can quickly grab any items they need before heading out. A fireplace warms the station on chilly nights, and a cozy arm chair sits in the corner where visitors and rangers can take a break. The ranger workstation is equipped with a computer and ample space for writing backcountry permits and field reports. The long range radio is useful for getting updates on trail conditions, and the potted plant in the window enjoys plenty of sun. A bulletin board full of useful information and a first aid station are mounted on the back wall. A small kitchenette sits in the back corner where rangers can make a pot of coffee or whip up a simple meal.
The loft is accessible via a pull-down ladder and hosts lodging for rangers working multi-day shifts. Accommodations are simple with a single bed, nightstand, and chair. A record player and a modest selection of books provide entertainment during downtime. The small bathroom is equipped with a sink, shower, and toilet (for ranger use only).
The exterior of the station features a covered porch and a tree-shaded bench where visitors can rest or be inspired by various ranger programs. An attached shed houses essential tools for maintenance, and an electrical panel regulates the solar power that runs the station. A communications array for long range radio, GPS, and satellite internet is mounted on the roof.
The area around Yellowstud Ranger Station is a great place for wildlife watching, just be sure to keep your distance for the animals’ and your safety.
Set Features
The Ranger Station LEGO set is designed for display and play. The loft, roof panels, and back wall are removable for interior access. This set is a LEGO naturalist’s dream, representing a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna.

  • A fun and detailed build - 1500+ pieces
  • 3 minifigures - a park ranger and two hikers
  • 6 animal figures - a bear, eagle, snake, squirrel, bird, and toad
  • A fantastic display piece - measures over 9 in. high, 11 in. wide, and 11 in. deep

Happy Trails!
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