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Batman Arkham Origins: Firefight Over Gotham


Batman Arkham Origins: Firefight Over Gotham

Based on the hit game of the third installment in the acclaimed Arkham series, this LEGO project displays a fight between Batman and some of his most dangerous enemies. The serial arsonist Firefly, dangerous assassin Deadshot, deadly criminal mastermind Black Mask, and the dangerous radical Anarky all pose a serious threat to the Dark Knight. But Batman is far from helpless. Armed with his trusty Grapnel Gun and the Batwing, Batman will give these villains a run for their money! 


  • Batman
  • Firefly
  • Black Mask
  • Deadshot
  • Anarky

​This set includes the Batwing, a Gotham tower structure, Black Mask's truck, and a dumpster. Firefly is armed with two flamethrowers, Deadshot armed with a sniper rifle and a wrist-mounted gun (with scope); Black Mask is armed with a machine gun, and Anarky a pry bar.

The sleek Batwing design is based on the one found in the game, and includes pivoting wings and flaps. It has flick-fire harpoons on the tip of each wing and is also equipped with spring-loaded shooters. The most unique feature of this design is the seat that ejects out the bottom of the aircraft as seen in the game. It folds down and retracts to place Batman in and take him out. The tower is a nice detailed piece of Gotham architecture, complete with a stone gargoyle. It is a perfect sniping point for Deadshot, and there is a ladder in the back for climbing up and down. Black Mask's truck has opening side and back doors and would use a decal with a black skull painted on the side of the truck. The dumpster lid opens and closes. Flames can be placed around, revealing the devastating immolation brought upon by Firefly.

Though this scene does not appear in the game, this project very much takes themes, characters and objects from Arkham Origins in this set. With the release of the last installment in the Arkham series, Arkham Knight, I hope this set could act as a tribute to this award-winning franchise. Whether you are a Batman fan, a gamer, or lover of a good LEGO set, be sure to click the support button and leave a comment. Do feel free to share this set wherever you can. Thanks for viewing!

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