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The Rivergate - Phantasy Realms


Phantasy Realms

The set

This set is composed of a fortress like sturcture built over a river. The gates open to let the boat cross but the gates can also close trapping the unaware travellers inside. Four trapdoors open to let the captives be taken or they can also work as traps if someone invades the  fortress - making the figures fall into the river.

The story

In order to protect the entrance to their capital city - Rainbow's End - the Wizards of Colour with the help of dwarven engineers raised a mighty fortress over the Tears of the Peak River, the only way into the magical valley where fairies and wizards dwell, among many other fantastic creatures.

The wizards bought a mighty power crystal from the dwarves and draw power from the magical stone in order to activate the fortress' magical defenses.

A group of sentinels dares to approach the Rivergate. They bring bad tidings... but Wizards and Elves are very suspicious of each other since the Magik Wars - a very old and long conflict between each other.

Will they be able to cross the rivergate or will they fall prey to the wizard's magical trap?




This is a second approach to a new original project of mine.

This is the first attempt :D Vote for it too -

Would you mind answering a few questions concerning this?

1) Overall opinion of the set?
2) Is this more oriented for boys, girls or both?
3) Would you buy it? Or it depends on other conditions - which?
4) How much would you pay for it?
5) What would you see changed in it?
6) If such changes were made would you then/still buy it even id the price tag increased?
Thanks for the help!



And check my other projects. They are in need of help. Thanks!

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