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Terraria - Eye of Cthulhu


The failure... is imminent

Unafortunely, as you can see, this project is already dead, but i wanna say thx to those who supported this project, because i really appreciate it.

And, maybe, only maybe, someone makes a bigger and more detailed version of this eye, i would love to see that someday, and i hope someone takes this as a idea to start their own project.


A new look

Here's a new and first look at the back of the eye, i also added some cables. Hope you like it! :)

Also, i wanna give thanks to all those supporting this little project, even if we don't reach 10,000 Supporters, i wanna say that just the fact of knowing that there are people that thinks this was a good idea makes me feel better. :')

Fun Fact: this project just took me 2 days to make it :)

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