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【Bauhaus Building】 LEGO Building Series MOC

Bauhaus has had a profound influence on modern design, the Dessau school building began to be built in 1925 and was closed in 1932, out of love for the Dessau school building, this miniature model is designed in the style of the Lego building series, and strives to reproduce this masterpiece of modernist design designed by Gropius, emphasizing function and high rationality, as a tribute to the century-old Bauhaus. The model is divided into three modules,They are dormitories (including dining rooms and auditoriums), teaching areas, and craft workshops. Structurally, a large number of bracket parts of the half-grid characteristics to achieve the bottom of the adduction, the side windows protruding effect, including some brilliant building, need to be realized in the actual construction, unfortunately for the sake of stability and reduction, the base is three grid thickness, rather than the common two-grid width of the building series, thank you.

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