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            This remarkable castle comes right from the medieval era.  From authentic stone walls to a spiral staircase, this fortress has it all! 

            Set in the mountains, this castle is decorated with snow.  Leading up to the solid wood door, one climbs a vast staircase, carved into the rock.  The exterior of it is constructed of battle-torn stone.  It has a curved wall, in addition to two watch towers, each varying in length.  

            On the inside, polished stone floors decorate the entirety of the castle.  These compliment the wood dining table and the spiral staircase that leads up to the smaller tower.  A blacksmithing shop set to the right produces all the weapons necessary to protect the castle.  A weapons rack can be seen past it.  The watch tower in the back has a suit of armor on the first level, a bridge and weapon rack on the second level, and an alchemist’s lab on the uppermost story.  Below the castle, carved into the rock, is a prison.

            Hope you enjoy!

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