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Wimbledon: Centre Court

This is a LEGO version of the Centre Court found at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. It is the host of the biggest tennis final in the world and contains so many great memories.

I was going to be working at the championship this year, but due to COVID-19 the tournament was cancelled. So, instead of going to Wimbledon, I decided to bring Wimbledon to me! I also wanted to make a minifigure-scale stadium that would fit onto one single base plate.

The set itself contains many features and details. It has two functional features. Firstly, there is a fully-functional folding roof. It can cover the pitch, or be retracted on the sunnier days. This is demonstrated in the images. Secondly, the two tennis players can be moved easily as they are attached to a sliding rods. This serves as a play feature, as it makes it easy to simulate a long rally during a match- with both players running side to side to return the ball.

Additionally, there are many details, such as the strawberry shop. Wimbledon is famous for it's strawberries, so I had to include a few! There is also a room that can be accessed from the pitch or from outside. In this, there is a small changing room for the players, along with a couple of spare rackets. Also, the Wimbledon trophy is presented at the back of the room. Close-by you can easily find a large LEGO version of the Wimbledon logo. Of course, there is also a tennis court and a crowd of fans, some of whom are in the royal box!

Thank you very much for any support, I really enjoyed making this one!

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